Forms for Volunteer Participation

Updated Friday February 24, 2017 by Shelley Zambardi.

Coaches - Join Little League U for free Coaches Training:

All volunteers need to complete the appropriate form(s) and Volunteer Code of Conduct.

We are set with our background check system for the Towns of Newton and Andover.. We have agreed to share one code to make it easier for our organizations.


Use this link:

Enter code: VRN # (U16002)


 There is a fee associated with the background checks of $21.44 that each coach is required to pay. There is a an additional administrative fee that we, as the organization have agreed to pay.. The checks are good for 3 years. Coaches that use any field in the Town of Newton will be required to wear a photo id that will be provided by the Recreation Dept. Any questions please contact


Any parent or member of the public who wants to verify a coach, can log onto this website and see the list for the Town of Newton and Andover.. We will be listed as one, under Andover Twp. since they registered first..


Thank you again for your patience as we worked together as a collaborative group to meet the needs of the community!


Returning Volunteer App 2016 - Little League.pdf
Safety Code - Little League.pdf
Universal FingerPrint Form June 2015.pdf
Volunteer Code of Conduct - Littel League.pdf
Volunteer Registration Form 2016 - Little League .pdf